Thursday, December 7, 2023

Confiz Joins Hands With D·engage to Empower Businesses With a 360-Degree Marketing Platform

Confiz is delighted to announce its partnership with D·engage, to launch an insights-led Customer-Driven Marketing Solution (CDMS) for consumer brands. The solution empowers businesses to personalize at scale and deliver seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

The proliferation of channels and the rise of the global hyper-convenience economy have raised the bar for personalization. From web to mobile and in-person interactions, consumers now view personalization as the default standard for engagement. To address the evolving customers’ expectations, brands need to adapt their marketing efforts to ensure each customer is approached with the right message at the right time and at their preferred channel.

Confiz’s Customer-Driven Marketing Solution empowers businesses to unify all their data, understand customer behavior and automatically launch personalized campaigns for customers through their preferred channel at scale! The solution combines powerful capabilities of customer data activation, marketing automation, content personalization, and multichannel messaging in a single, scalable and robust platform. Empowering your teams to track customer behavior across multiple touchpoints and execute cross-channel engagement campaigns accordingly. Not just this, CDMS, also allows you to monitor campaign performance through cross-channel analytics.

Built specially for the Retail and eCommerce industry, CDMS, powered by D·engage, helps businesses to create a lasting impression on their customers by delivering highly personalized and memorable brand experiences. Resulting in enhanced customer experience and an increase in customer acquisition & retention scores. Ultimately giving a boost in ROI and conversion.

Qaisar Iqbal, VP of Industry Solutions at Confiz, stated, ” In the era of digital disruption, crafting an efficient customer-driven marketing strategy to provide tailored brand experiences can be a major game-changer for businesses. CDMS surely has the potential to become the next disruptive force in digital engagement.”

Director International Business at D·engage, Salil Gupta, also commented, “D·engage is on a mission to enable global brands to personalize at scale and introduce them to the next generation of customer engagement. We are excited to join forces with Confiz to drive one-to-one communication that helps marketers drive omnichannel growth.”

Confiz, a global IT services and solutions company, has always thrived on customer success. Being in the industry for the last 18 years, the company has won the trust of Fortune 500 customers in retail, CPG, manufacturing, and other verticals in the domains of Data, Cloud, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, Bespoke Services, and innovative solutions. With qualified engineers, consultants, and subject matter experts, Confiz has set up businesses for hyper-focused growth by creating the blueprint of their digital acceleration and helping them drive growth and success through the technological revolution.

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