Tuesday, March 5, 2024

1.2 million jobs for skilled workers to open in Gwadar.

Gwadar is expected to provide 1.2 million employment for skilled workers and professionals. It will aid in the reduction of the country’s unemployment rate.

The young of Gwadar, who make up half of the city’s population, will benefit from high-paying jobs in Pakistan and the global market, as the Pakistan-China Technical and Vocational Institute is slated to open its doors in February next year with the first cohort of Gwadar students.

The development would increase employment opportunities for Gwadar’s youngsters at the city’s port, export-oriented sectors, the Gwadar Free Zone, and firms that will be established under the master plan. The master plan estimates that the coastal city will provide 1.2 million jobs for skilled workers and professionals, with a total economic output of more than $30 billion.

Given that fish-catching and fisheries-related industries employ almost 80% of the city’s population, the institute will provide the youth with professional knowledge of modern fishing procedures and techniques.

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