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10 Most Spoken Languages ​​in the World

According to experts, man began his journey into language and speech through pictures in caves, and the Egyptians are credited with inventing the first pictorial script, from which the Greek language arose.

The Arabic language is thought to be the oldest. From here, Indo-European languages such as Roman, Latin, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, French, Spanish, and German arose.

The number of languages has grown in tandem with the advancement of language and speech. More than 6,000 languages are spoken on the planet, according to estimates.

English is now recognized as a universal language and is the most widely spoken public language in the world, with 1452 million people speaking it in over 100 countries.

Chinese is second on the list, spoken, read, and written by 1118 million people in China and more than a dozen other countries.

The third number is Hindi, which is spoken by 602 million people in five countries. Spanish ranks fourth, with 548 men and women speaking it in 31 countries.

French, which is spoken by 274 million people, comes in fifth place. Arabic ranks sixth, with 19 dialects spoken by 273 million people in 57 countries. Bengali, which is spoken by 272 million people in four countries, is ranked seventh.

According to the report, the Russian language ranks eighth on the list, with 258 people from 19 countries speaking and reading it. Portuguese is the ninth most spoken language, with 257 million men and women speaking it. Urdu, which is spoken by 231 million people, is ranked tenth.

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