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10 Things to look forward to at Future Fest, Pakistan’s Biggest Tech Conference and Expo happening in Lahore from 6th to 8th Jan 2023.

Pakistan’s Largest Tech Conference and Expo FUTURE FEST is all set to host leading Saudi Companies & Investors in Lahore from 6-8 January 2023, with Digital supported by Digital Cooperation Organization.

Dedicated to using technology to pave the way for the future of Pakistan, Future Fest will bring together leaders from more than 50 industries to foster discussion on the future of life itself. Entrepreneurs, decision makers, policymakers, thought leaders, investors, and innovators will discuss the most important aspects of current times and how technology can play a positive role in #SaveTheFuture. This year the event will host 50,000 attendees, 200 exhibitors, 500 startups, and 300 international speakers from 30+ countries. 

Here are 10 things to look forward to at this year’s Future Fest:

1. It’s a Technocrats Hub

The Future Fest 2023 is everything and more that you can expect any tech geek’s heaven to be. With almost 400+ speakers and representatives from leading Asia-Pacific, Middle Eastern, and Pakistani companies as well as startups: every tech tycoon will be there to talk about their journey and walk the aspiring tech aspirants through the process of making it on a larger scale. 

2. Something for everyone

Despite the fact that it is a tech-related event, one might assume that only those from the business world would attend. You’ll be shocked to learn, though, that you and your family members will be able to attend the Future Fest in 2023. Your family may take advantage of all the exciting activities taking place nearby as you network with interesting people at the event. Yes, you can absolutely attend this event with your family, friends, and coworkers. 7th January holds a number of exciting curated performances including Storytelling via Tabla: Classical Musician: Kaleem Raza & Zain Rashid and VFX in Pakistan: From scratch to the success of Maula Jutt – a live projection experience.

3. A multitude of Saudi Companies

From the automobile giant, Lucid, and the business services provider, Commenda, to the affordable taxi founding app, Yango, CEOs and representatives from startups that are changing the landscape of employment will be there to tell stories, share experiences, and provide guidance to people who intend to venture into entrepreneurship. The companies include Unifonic, Classera, AlGooru, Noon, Salasa, HALA, Nana, Mozn, Qoyod, Elm, Squadio, Salla, Misk Foundation, and Tracking.me, Diggipacks, ILSA, Takadao, Khwarizmi Ventures, Derayah Financial, Saudi Azm, Moyasar Financial Company, Nama Ventures, and Merak Capital. 

4. #SavetheFuture

The main focus of this year’s subject is the urgent need of the moment: safeguarding our future. The speakers will discuss sustainability and how to work productively to create a more environmentally friendly world around us, particularly in developing nations. lowering carbon footprint, recycling resources, and reducing plastic waste.

5. Booths and Kiosks 

The event’s booths are one of the event’s excellent features. Future Fest 2023 enables startups, companies, and anybody who is in business and wants to present their products, abilities, and innovations to the world. Additionally, they will get the possibility to network with numerous corporate giants and even draw investments and joint ventures as a result of this.

6. Absolute Networking

The network is one thing that is certain to emerge since there will be a vast and varied web of individuals connected to several fields. Additionally, there would be a large number of knowledgeable and well-known speakers, decision-makers, technologists, investors, sponsors, etc.- a community with at least 300+ speakers, 200 exhibitors, and 500 startups.

7. Metaverse Art Exhibition & ‘To Infinity & Beyond’

Digital art, moving pictures, and installations will all be featured in the ‘HUM’ metaverse art experience. It attempts to examine how the art industry is changing, especially how new media like NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse are used and how they affect how art is produced, displayed, and collected. ‘To Infinity & Beyond, by Gabe Gabrielle (Former NASA engineer) is the highlight of the event, happening on 8th January. This is an exclusive curated experience not to be missed. 

8. Shahbaz Taseer’s Book Signing 

Shahbaz Taseer, the director of First Capital Group, will also be present to sign his much-awaited book, ‘Lost to the World’ after the book launch on day 2 of the Future Fest. 

9. Work Opportunities

Each year, attendees get a chance to interact with CEOs and representatives from companies. This enables them to engage and communicate with them on forums, exchange ideas, and generate a lot of jobs since that is symbiotic to the companies as well as the attendees. The representatives almost always share updates about careers and job openings. The future of work is remote. Know more about how remote work is changing the way companies function. Hiring remotely has never been easier – the Deel team is coming to Future Fest 2023. If you’re a business that wants to expand globally to help companies hire remotely in 150 countries without any hassle.

10. Potential Investors

Future Fest 2023 is the very exact platform that also aims to find investors for the attendees and their proposals. All you need to do is be there with your proposal pitch ready and be confident about it. You could formulate contacts and talk about full or partial funding, sign MOUs and explore opportunities for collaborations. 

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