Saturday, June 15, 2024

10 Year Old Baby Rescued from Ruins Days after Earthquake

Rescue team saved a baby of 10 days old while his mother is still stuck in the ruins of a building in Turkey recently and dug various people out from other areas as President Tayyip Erdogan stated, “authorities should have reacted faster to this week’s huge earthquake.”

The confirmed death ratio from the deadliest quake in the region in last 20 years crossed more than 23,700 across southern Turkey and northwest Syria four days after it hit.

More than Hundreds of thousands people are homeless and facing shortage of food in winter conditions and leaders of both countries have faced about their response.

Bashar al-Assad Syrian President made his first trip to affected sites since the earthquake hit, visited a hospital in Aleppo with his wife Asma, as sources reported.

Furthermore, government approved humanitarian aid delivery all across the country’s 12-year civil war, an initiative which speedup the arrival of help for millions of desperate people.

The World Food Programme stated, “earlier it was running out of stocks in rebel-held northwest Syria as the state of war complicated relief efforts.”

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