Tuesday, April 16, 2024

10-Year-Old Tech Genius Become Assistant Teacher at Karachi University

Breaking stereotypes and societal norms, 10-year-old Amna Amir Shehzad from Karachi is pursuing an extraordinary path. She’s not only working hard to fulfill her dream of becoming a data scientist but is also acting as an assistant teacher at Karachi University, defying her young age.

Amna’s incredible journey began when she got introduced to technology through the Saylani Techno Kids program. This initial exposure paved the way for her rapid progress. She quickly learned programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and even explored platforms like GitHub and Firebase.

Her dedication paid off when she secured the third position in the Rechnokids program across the city. This program covered a wide range of tech courses, including Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, and Canva.

Despite being so young, Amna’s exceptional skills caught the attention of her teacher and sister when she completed an HTML task remarkably fast. This surprising turn of events led to an internship offer and eventually made her an assistant teacher at Karachi University.

Alongside this role, she continues her technical training at software houses affiliated with the university. It’s worth noting that she manages all of this while also attending regular school and online courses provided by Saylani.

Amna’s aspirations go beyond her own achievements. She’s committed to making technology education accessible to everyone, especially children from middle and lower-middle-class backgrounds.

Her dedication to bridging the technological gap among different social groups shows her empathy and determination to empower fellow young people.

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