Saturday, April 20, 2024

11 year old boy hacked his father’s account and blackmailed him for handing over Rs10 crore

The epidemic changed the equations and learning went to internet. YouTube has shown to be a terrific platform for everyone. Not all use these platforms to their advantage. An 11-year- old Indian child utilized YouTube to learn hacking stuff in a scandalous occurrence.

This young man begged his own father to extortion and requested a ransom of Rs. 10 crores. If money is not donated, he threatened to reveal private photos and secrets for his family around the web.

The occurrence was clear as a result of a call from an unknown individual to the police from the resident of Ghaziabad (India).

He told the police that he had his email account stolen and that he was challenged for extortion money with all his intimate images of the account.

His email account was hacked at the beginning of this year, according to the victim. He added that not only did hackers access his images but also changed his password and phone number.

He received a message requesting Rs. 10 Crore and frequent phone calls from hackers to his whole family.

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