Monday, March 4, 2024

11 years old Pakistani girl has published 6 books on Amazon.

Aysal Waheed, an 11-year-old content writer, has six Amazon novels to her credit. There are five solo books and one anthropology among them. She also contributes to newspapers and publications with pieces.

Aysal, who is in sixth grade, participates in a number of international and domestic competitions. She placed fourth in the International Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition 2020. Her exceptional achievement was recognised by the Bulgarian ambassador in Pakistan. She enjoys giving speeches in front of large crowds, acting, and editing.

Five of the six books are standalones, with the sixth being an anthology. Trough The Portal, A Day In The Life Of A Pencil, and additional solo novels are available on Amazon. Aysal is a regular contributor to newspapers and journals in addition to writing books.

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