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12 Best and Successful Startups in Pakistan 2022

In the past, startup culture in Pakistan has a blurry image. People were familiar only with a few successful companies. But now, in recent years, the best startups in Pakistan are being introduced. Also, the popularity of these startups increased as they used advanced technology and due to the increased use of the internet for advertising.

The list of the 12 best and most successful startups in Pakistan 2022 will be mentioned and explained here. Stay on this page if you are looking for the best and most successful startups in Pakistan in 2022.

Best and Successful Startups in Pakistan 2022

Some of the startups in Pakistan are growing rapidly. So, it is impossible to ignore them. They provide the best services to their customers and use advanced technologies for safety and security reasons.

Sometimes people think and search about which startup in Pakistan is on the top list of startups with a higher growth rate in Pakistan. But no need to worry, as some of the best and most successful startups in 2022 are currently working in Pakistan with a higher growth rate are explained below.


Tajir is Pakistan’s best and most successful startup in 2022. The Babar Khan and Ismail Khan founded it. It was then started in 2018 in Lahore. Now it comes in the list of Pakistan’s best startups.

Tajir contains the industries facilities of B2B, marketplace, retail, and e-commerce. Nowadays, it is considered the best B2B (business to business) mobile application providing various services such as e-commerce, retail, and marketplace.

Tajir has 22 investors, and it has completed four funding rounds. Its total funding amount is $18,950,000. Almost 11 to 50 employees are working in this startup.



Dawaai is the Pakistani popular digital health information platform. It includes various information related to health products. Also, it contains an online network for pharmacy and generic pharmaceuticals.

Dawaai startup was started by the Furqan Kidwai, who is the founder of this startup in 2013. It is located in Karachi. It connects various industrial services such as e-commerce, mHealth, internet, health care, and Pharmaceutical.

In this startup, almost 101 to 250 employees are currently working. Eight investors invested in this startup, and till now, it has completed six funding rounds. Its total funding amount is $9,500,000.

Its customers can order daily well-being products, herbal and homeopathic products, sexual wellness, and medical equipment. Also, it has provided blogs about the products that consist of uses, side effects, warnings, and other information about the product.



Airlift technologies use leveraging technology and revolutionary logistics to provide excellent services. It offers the customers essential household products delivery within 30-minutes.

Airlift startup was started in March 2019 in Lahore and was founded by the Meher Farrukh, Muhammad Owais, Usman Gul, Awaab Khakwany, Zohaib Ali, and Ahmed Ayub. At that time, its services are available in Pakistan’s eight different cities. Its total funding amount is around $109.2 MM.

Airlift services were also available during the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide services to the customers by using modern buses. But this pandemic killed the business. In September 2020, they started again by focusing on delivery products.

But the airlift set a record for Pakistani startups. It raised around $85MM in series B in August 2021. So, in 2022 it will be needed to watch airlift.

Grocer App

Grocer App comes in the list of best startups in Pakistan. It provides online grocery stores at the lowest possible prices. Its customers have the facility to order various categories of grocery products. Products are delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

Grocer App was founded by Ahmed Saeed, Hassan Sadiq, and Rai Bilal. It was started in 2016 in Lahore. Various industrial services such as consumer goods, grocery marketplace, shopping, e-commerce, and online portal services are offered.

Currently, in Grocer App, 11 to 50 employees are working. Fifteen investors have invested in this App, and till now, three funding rounds have been completed. Its total funding amount is almost $6,200,000.

Grocer App provides different deals and offers to its customers. The featured products of this App are melon, samosa sheets, beef mince, etc. 

Grocer App


Cheetay is another of Pakistan’s best and most successful startups founded by Ahmed Khan. It was started in 2015 in Lahore.

Cheetay startup covers various Pakistani industries such as food delivery, Logistics, and E-commerce. Nowadays, it is considered the fastest-growing e-commerce platform in Pakistan.

Cheetay has almost 501 to 1000 employees currently working in this startup. It has only one investor, and still, it has completed 5 number of funding rounds. Almost $11,600,000 is the Cheetay funding amount.

As described above, Cheetay provides various market services. Some of them are described below.

  • It provides the essentials such as groceries or any other daily life product at the customer’s doorstep.
  • Customers also have the facility to order their food items delivered instantly to their doorstep.
  • People can order their medicines by sending a prescription. It also delivers over-the-counter medicines to the customer’s doorstep.


TAG is considered Pakistan’s very first digital bank. It was founded in 2020 by the Talal Ahmed Gondal. This is located in Islamabad. It provides various financial services.

TAG has seven investors. Its funding amount is around $5,500,000, and it has still completed one funding round. Almost ten employees are currently working in TAG. TAG is good for safety and control as it is built by using high-level security standards.

TAG allows its customers to open their accounts using their free Visa debit card for only three minutes. Some of the Key features of TAG are given below.

  • Its customers can transfer amounts anytime in any corner of the world.
  • People can receive money from anywhere by using the IBAN account number assigned by the TAG.
  • Its customers can transfer the amount to any other bank or wallet in Pakistan.
  • It also allows instant P2P transfers without fee charges.
  • TAG customers can also pay their utility bills, internet device bills, and recharge mobile phones by using their TAG account.

KASAB Securities

KASAB securities were started in 2018 in Karachi and were founded by Ali Farid Khawaja. It operates on various industrial platforms such as Finance, Stock exchanges, and Financial Services.

In KASAB securities, 11 to 50 employees are working. Four investors invested in it. The total funding amount is around $4,500,00, and till now, it has completed one funding round. 

KASAB is also known as the Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Securities Limited. It is considered the new-age stock and commodity brokerage in Pakistan. Some of the KASAB securities benefits are given below.

  • It allows and helps to open an account without charges.
  • Customer can only build their portfolio only with PKR. 5000.
  • It enables access to the research engine at your fingertips.
  • Customers can get advice from professional trader’s assistants.
  • It charges the lowest commission within the industry.
  • It is very fast and friendly to help its customers.
KASAB Securities


Dastgyr is a startup that is currently working well in Pakistan. It is almost offering similar services to the Tajir startup but very different.

Muhammad Owais Qureshi and Zohaib Ali found Dastgyr. They are also the ex-workers of Airlift startup. It was started in 2020 in Karachi. Dastgir’s total funding amount is $4MM.

Dastgyr is considered the B2B ( business to business) e-commerce marketplace. Its target audience is SME retailers and suppliers. It works by offering orders of high magnitude in the marketplace. It empowers its retailers to buy the products directly from the suppliers.

Dastgyr uses top technology to build a strong ecosystem that will make it a startup powerhouse in the middle east. is another Pakistani best and most successful startup. It is software that helps people navigate the best real estate markets. is founded by Imran Ali Khan and Zeeshan Ali Khan. It was started in 2006 in Lahore. The industrial services provided by are the following.

  • Online portals
  • Property management
  • Real estate.

On, around 1001 to 5000 workers are working. 4 investors invested in this startup. It has completed five funding rounds. The total funding amount of is around $31,100,000.

Following Zameen, tools are used by the software.

  • Home loan calculator
  • Land record pages
  • Area unit converter
  • Area Guides


Finja startup offers a financial services platform. It offers loans to professionals and SMEs with payment and collection services to the merchants (Karayana stores/shops) and professionals.

Finja was founded by Monis Rehman, Umer Munawar, and Qasif Shahid in 2016. It started in Lahore. Various industrial services are carried out by this platform, such as FinTech, Payments, Financial Services, Lending, and mobile payment services.

In Finja, around 101 to 250 employees are working. Six investors invested in this startup, and till now, five funding rounds have been completed. The total funding amount is around $24,547,936.

Finja provides innovative services to the customers that are helping to lead the Pakistan economy toward the digital transformation system.

Following personal services are also offered by the Finja startup in Pakistan.

  • Finja customers can transfer funds to another customer by using Finja App.
  • Finja wallet allows performing top-ups within a few minutes.
  • All bills such as utility, internet packages, and electricity bills can be paid without any charges. 


SadaPay is currently the best and most successful startup called neo bank. Brandon Timinisky founded SadaPay in 2018. It started in Islamabad, and now it is on the list of best startups in Pakistan.

SadaPay does not have any physical branches like other traditional banks. But it provides various services for your funds. It protects the funds, personally sensitive information, and digital wallet of its customers by using advanced technology.

SadaPay replaces the complexity of procedures for registration by using the simplest and easy steps of registration. Within two minutes, you can complete the registration process. It also allows simple payment methods for transferring and receiving money.

SadaPay also can connect its customers globally. They can shop globally with the lowest foreign exchange rates. Such as, it applies only 1.5% for foreign exchange while purchasing foreign products.

Daraz. Pk is another best and most successful startup in Pakistan currently working in Pakistan. It is an online retailer and e-commerce store that enables people to purchase branded products such as clothes, footwear, apparel, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. 

Daraz. Pk was founded by Ahmed Khan, Farees Shah, Muneeb Maayar, and Muhamad Ahsan Raza. It was started in 2012 in Karachi.

The industrial services offered by this startup are fashion, e-commerce, and shopping. It also has delivery services. Ordered products are delivered to the doorstep. 

Daraz App


Above is the list of the best and most successful startups in Pakistan. Successful startups in Pakistan are explained in detail.

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