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12 Best Hotels in Skardu for Stay in 2023

Skardu is unquestionably the most stunning location that Pakistan’s northern region offers. Numerous hotels have been built in Skardu to accommodate guests and provide food. While most of the hotels are privately owned, several are government run.

If you’re thinking about travelling to Skardu, Pakistan, the capital of Baltistan, you might ask about the best hotels in Skardu for accommodations.

We’ve put up this useful directory of the best hotels in Skardu to assist you in finding the ideal accommodation.

Staying in the hotel you deserve will help your trip to Skardu be one to remember. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Best Hotels in Skardu

The following are the most popular, highly rated, and lavish Skardu hotels list:

Shangri-La Hotel and Resort

Shangri-La Hotel and Resort

Unquestionably, one of your greatest options is Shangrila hotel Skardu. It is one of the best 5-star hotels in Skardu. Each of the hotel’s spacious guest rooms offers panoramic views besides innovative features like flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and in-room minibars.

After a tiring day of seeing Skardu’s natural beauty, they provide individually controlled air conditioning units to keep you cool at night and warm blankets during the day so that you can get the rest you need.

The extensive on-site amenities and facilities at Shangri-La Resort make sure that your stay is everything you want it to be.

There are many recreational opportunities available to visitors, including an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a fully stocked fitness facility.

Himalaya Hotel Skardu


If you’re seeking cheap hotels in Skardu with a beautiful view, this one is definitely for you. The Skardu Hotel Himalayas is one of those exceptional hotels that stands out for its knowledgeable and friendly staff, traditional organic orchards, and verdant grounds.

Many domestic and foreign travellers adore this hotel because of its highly competent staff, prompt services, lush outdoor grounds, garden, and various fruit orchards.

It is quite easy on the wallet, and one can maintain a pretty pleasant existence with it. Every year, guests are drawn to the Skardu Hotel Himalayas’ exquisite structure.

They benefit from returning and frequent clientele, who are more likely to trust them with their stays and meals.

Mountain Lodge Holiday Home

Hotel Mountain Lodge Skardu, Skardu – Updated 2022 Prices

The Mountain Lodge Holiday Home is a five-star hotel that offers an exceptionally high level of comfort in all of its rooms. There are just 13 guest rooms, therefore all staff members are readily available to provide personalised service.

Private balconies in the rooms offer breathtaking views, and guests who wish to unwind can visit the spa or the massage room.

At Mountain Lodge Holiday Home, breakfast is always provided for free. You can eat as much of the amazing buffet-style food as you’d like.

There are computer stations available for individuals who wish to check emails or browse the web while they eat, and visitors are given free wifi access throughout their entire stay.

Candela Resort

Candela Resorts Skardu - Luxury Rooms for Local / International Tourists

Skardu is home to a number of resorts, including the Candela Resort. This is without a doubt the most well-known resort in the Skardu Valley. This resort offers a wide range of resources for guests and tourists.

The Candela Resort Skardu is located in the heart of the city of Skardu. The resort is located on Satpara Road and offers a 360-degree panorama of Skardu City.

  In addition, free WiFi and free parking are provided to visitors, and there is a terrace for their use.

The guest house’s guest rooms each have a flat-screen TV and a sofa space. There is a shower, slippers, and complimentary amenities in the private bathroom.

Candela Resort is a fantastic option for lodging when visiting Skardu. It offers a rooftop patio and complimentary airport pickup (available whenever you need it).

Tibet Motel Skardu

Tibet Motel Shangrilla Lake Skardu in Skardu |

Tiber Motel Skardu is on one side of the lake and Shangri-La Resort is on the other. For a minor increase in price, you can stay at the Tiber Motel Skardu on the opposite side of the lake, which offers the same facilities and atmosphere.

This hotel is only 20 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the Skardu centre by car. In the hotel market, it is therefore one of the most nearby and easily accessible hotels that provide excellent services.

The added value services While staying in this hotel, you may quickly and easily get to some other well-known tourist destinations, like Upper Kachura and Upper Kachura Lake. You may reach it by foot in 5 to 10 minutes and enjoy quite scenic and fresh sights.

You will be in awe of the views and sceneries on the ascent, which will compel you to stop and take pictures.

Skardu One Hotel

HOTEL ONE SKARDU - Prices & Reviews (Pakistan)

Hotel one Skardu is one of your best choices if you wish to stay in a high-quality, comfortable hotel at a reasonable cost. It’s conveniently located close to China Gate and Hussaini Village and is reachable from everywhere in town.

There are always opportunities for amusement close by, whether you want to go swimming or watch your favourite show on TV. Whoever wants comfort and value without sacrificing quality should stay at this hotel.

Here, you will receive outstanding service from a welcoming team. Skardu One Hotel is your best option if you’re wanting to save money while receiving a comfortable stay and superb service! Everything about it speaks to its great value.

It is ideal for any tourist to Skardu and contains everything you could possibly want. You ought to think about living here if you want to cut costs!

Brangsa Inn Skardu

Brangsa Inn Skardu | Skardu Hotels

Brangsa Inn Skardu is ideally in Batolik, just a few minutes’ drive from Lake Skardu, and it’s not just a cheap hotel—the it’s complete package of excitement and enjoyment. It offers a variety of outdoor pursuits, including as caving, mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, and ski touring.

Visitors can also use the hotel’s restaurant to savour delectable meals and decadent desserts. Brangsa Inn also has an internet café where customers may conduct online shopping. This family-run hotel offers guests travelling to Pakistan pleasant lodging options.

Their guest rooms are elegantly decorated with contemporary conveniences including air conditioning and cable television with satellite channels for more comfort and relaxation. .

Hotel Mashabrum Skardu

Hotel Mashabrum - Skardu, Pakistan - Photos, Opinions, Booking

The Hotel Mashabrum Skardu is one of Skardu’s largest hotels. Positioned on the edge of the Hargeisa Stream, this location has a picturesque view. The magnificent and opulent hotel, Mashabrum Skardu, is situated right above the Mashabrum, which is on the entrance to Skardu.

The Hotel Mashabrum Skardu offers a variety of accommodation types. Standard, Deluxe, and Executive are available.

The rooms are created such that guests can plainly enjoy the breathtaking views of the nearby peaks, which has a calming effect. If you take the time to truly appreciate the natural beauty around you, your stay at Hotel Mashabrum Skardu will be worthwhile.

Khadin resort and view point

Khadin Resort & View Point, Ponedas, Pakistan -

Khadin Resort & View Point in Ponedas offers two-star accommodations with private balconies. This establishment has a restaurant, a terrace, and room service. For an additional fee, private parking can be arranged.

There is a seating area and a flat-screen TV in every hotel room. There is a shower, slippers, and complimentary amenities in the private bathroom. Each guest room has a closet. The Khadin Resort & View Point offers a continental breakfast to its visitors.

Snow Land Palace Skardu

Snowland Palace Skardu, Pakistan - reviews, prices | Planet of Hotels

One of the top hotels in Skardu, Snow Land Palace is conveniently located next to Tilla Charouni (the famous lake).

Snow Land Palace is a fantastic option for those seeking affordable lodging in Skardu. With several lakes and lush vegetation all around, this region exudes tremendous natural beauty. Many of the hotel’s rooms have views of these outside settings because the building is perched atop a small hill.

GraceLand Hotel Skardu

GRACELAND HOTEL SKARDU - Prices & Lodging Reviews (Pakistan)

The Graceland Hotel Skardu, which is located on Patowal Road Olding in Skardu, is renowned for the impeccable cleanliness of its rooms, the superb cuisine it serves, and the spectacular scenery it overlooks.

The rooms have a decent layout and each one has its own private bathroom. They are large and comfy, feature WiFi and carpeting, and come with all the essential utilities.

Skardu Baltistan Continental Hotel

BALTISTAN CONTINENTAL HOTEL $25 ($̶3̶0̶) - Prices & Lodge Reviews - Skardu,  Pakistan

One of the most well-known hotels in town is Skardu Baltistan Continental Hotel, which is situated on Rama Road about a kilometre from Astore Bus Stop. It has a sizable kitchen where it serves delicious local fare including choormas and grilled mutton.

With hot running water and cable TV, the rooms are cosy and spotless. You can even access an on-site internet café to maintain contact while travelling. Definitely something deserving of your time and attention .


This was all about Best Hotel in skardu for stay in 2023.

There are numerous hotels in Skardu that are perfect for any trip, whether it be for business, a family vacation, a weekend escape, or an outing with friends. Are you looking for a five-star hotel with a spa, free Wi-Fi, and a pool in the heart of Skardu?

Could it be a daycare facility or a hotel that allows pets? Because you will always get the finest deals, all that is left for you to do is pack your bags and have a wonderful time in Skardu.

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