Monday, July 22, 2024

150+ Textile Mills Closed, 2 Million+ People Unemployed in Pakistan in 5 Months

In just 5 months, around 150 spinning and weaving textile mills of Pakistan got closed, because of which around 2million+ people became unemployed.

As per details, the downfall of the textile industry got worsened.

Mill owners said,”more than two million people have become unemployed, the production cost of the industry has increased by 100% under the current government.”

He further complained that before the current government electricity rates were Rs 18 which has now jumped to Rs 36, on the other hand petrol raised to Rs 245 per litre from Rs 150.

“Gas is not available to the industry, LCs are not open, raw materials are not available to run the textile industry, if the government does not take immediate notice, more textile mills will be closed.”, As per owner of mill.

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