Tuesday, July 23, 2024

15,000 Litre Fake Drinks Disposed of by Food Authority in Lahore

The Punjab Food Authority was in action today as it disposed of 15,000 litres of drinks and 300kg of loose colours and it also seized 1,000 empty bottles.

PFA Director General Muddassir Riaz Malik said that fake drinks were being prepared with non-food grade colours, harmful chemicals and contaminated water.

He said that drinks without formulas might lead to cancer and ulcer diseases.

He further said that excessive carbonated drink use can lead to the development of serious problems including osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, kidney stone and diabetes.

He appealed to citizens to inform PFA on the helpline 1223, Facebook or the website in case of witnessed fake beverage factories or substandard food in their surroundings to register their complaints.

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