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Inspirational Journey of a Ball Boy to Pakistan’s top Tennis Player; Asad Zaman, a rising star

Pakistan brims with talent but is rarely identified and given the right opportunities. It not only leads to unnoticed hard work and talent but also shatters many dreams that are achievable with recognition. Sports and extracurricular aren’t given much importance here which hinders practice and lowers the self-esteem of many. However, some stick with their passions and make it a priority hoping they’ll get noticed someday.

Asad Zaman, now ranked Pakistan’s no. 1 tennis player in his age group, was once a Ball boy at Lawrence Garden, Lahore. He used to watch players play tennis and dream of becoming one of them. Behind identifying his talent are the will and dedication of several stakeholders. One of them is McDonald’s Pakistan, which endorsed his talent and supported his dream of becoming a junior national tennis player.

After being recognized by Coach Rashid Malik, and training under his legacy, Asad started to see his dreams come to reality. He would request players to take him along to watch tournaments in other cities and even loan money from people to be able to participate in national tournaments. His talent and passion knew no boundaries but money became a hurdle in his journey.

He once watched Pakistan’s greatest players compete at Baghe Jinnah, but as his passion and talent have meshed with the assistance of McDonald’s and his coach, his dream of becoming a Junior National Champion has become closer than ever before. As he has matured, his father now does the watching as his son continues pushing towards his dream.

Thanks to McDonalds Pakistan, Asad can now completely focus on his matches and work solely towards his dreams. Watch the video to know more about Asad’s journey from a Ball boy to an athlete to Pakistan’s top junior national champion- and it doesn’t stop here. Asad has a long way to go, but we hope to see other brands stepping up and creating opportunities for our talented youth too. Dream, believe and reach the sky!

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