Thursday, November 30, 2023

17 Years Old ‘Syeda Fatima Zehra’ Calligraphed All APS Shuhadas Names in her Calligraphy

Syeda Fatima Zehra, who is a 17 years old talented young girl, has recently made a calligraphy related to 16th December, 2014. It consists of all the names of the Shuhadas of Army Public School, Peshawar. According to Fatima, this calligraphy is a gift from her side to the parents of the martyred children. Also, it is her original work too.

Fatima uses art as a medium to create her ideas. She was very impressed by the calligraphy of Amna Siddiqui, who calligraphed Surah Rehman in the form of Pakistani flag in 2 years. Therefore, she gave it a try and recreated it in just 6 days.

Currently, Fatima is also running her Educational YouTube channel named “The Educational Database” which technically makes her the youngest Pakistani to have a proper educational YouTube channel. However, she was only 13 years old when she started her channel.

Simultaneously, she is working as a professional content writer and is also associated with various organizations and NGO’s of Pakistan. Fatima is also a part of 50 young ambassadors from Pakistan to represent her country.

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