Friday, May 31, 2024

19 Pakistani Water Brands Declared Dangerous for Consumption

The Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has found that 19 brands of bottled and mineral water may not be safe to drink due to harmful substances. Some of these substances could be bacteria or chemicals that can make people sick.

Because of this discovery, the government has asked the PCRWR to check bottled and mineral water brands every three months and tell people about the results. They want to make sure people know which brands are safe to drink.

Between January and March, the PCRWR checked 185 samples of bottled water from 21 cities. They compared the test results with the rules set by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA). They found that 19 brands didn’t pass because they had too many harmful substances, like bacteria or chemicals.

Six brands, such as Hensley Pure Water and Pure Life, had too much sodium. One brand, called Nero, had too many total dissolved solids (TDS). Other brands like Cleana and Orwell had too much arsenic. And some brands, like Starlay and Al-Faris Water, had bacteria in them, which can make people sick.

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