Friday, May 31, 2024

19-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Gets New Life with Indian Heart

Nineteen-year-old Ayesha Rashan, who lives in Karachi, had a big operation in Chennai, India, to get a new heart. The operation was possible because a kind person, who was 69 years old, donated their organs.

This surgery was very expensive, costing more than INR3.5 million. But a charity group paid for it, which was a huge relief for Ayesha. She had been waiting for five years to find a suitable donor.

Ayesha said, “I feel much better now.” Her first goal is to finish her studies in Karachi. After that, she wants to become a fashion designer.

In 2019, Ayesha got really sick and had a heart problem while she was in India. Doctors there said she needed a new heart. She had to wait for a while to find a donor. During this time, doctors gave her a special device to help her heart pump blood until she could get a new one.

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