Monday, March 4, 2024

3-Year-Old Emirati Girl Makes History by Becoming Youngest Writer in the World

In 2024, a remarkable achievement unfolded in the United Arab Emirates as three-year-old AlMaha Rashed AlMheiri authored two books, namely ‘The Flower’ and ‘Honeybee.’ What makes this accomplishment extraordinary is that AlMaha sold over 1,000 copies of both books in just one day, securing her place as the youngest girl globally to publish books and earning recognition from the Guinness World Records.

Despite her tender age, AlMaha displays a passion for storytelling and creating vibrant drawings. Surprisingly, she independently acquired the skills to write and compose stories.

In her books, AlMaha communicates a vital message about the significance of environmental care. Her mother shared, “AlMaha wanted to teach other kids about how we can protect nature.”

The inspiration for these stories struck AlMaha during her attendance at a conference focused on environmental conservation. While most children typically learn to read and write around the age of 6 or 7, AlMaha achieved these milestones at the age of 3, leaving people amazed at her ability to engage in intelligent conversations despite her youth.

AlMaha’s mother underscores the transformative power of reading and encourages parents to identify and support their children’s talents.

Notably, AlMaha comes from a family where both her sister and brother set world records by writing books at a very young age. The family believes that healthy competition within the household contributes to their continuous improvement in their chosen pursuits.

Thus, AlMaha and her family serve as a testament to the importance of parents guiding their children in discovering their strengths, fostering confidence, and instilling a sense of responsibility as members of society.

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