Monday, July 22, 2024

30-40% Deduction in Salary or Go Home, PCB Directors Receive Ultimatum

Faisal Hasnain, the chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has been given the option of taking a 40% pay cut or leaving his position.
Details indicate that numerous other directors have been enjoined to save money ever since the Management Committee seized control. According to sources, they were formally notified that they could either accept a 30–40% wage cut or leave. They have a week to make up their minds, and they will receive three months’ pay upon leaving.
After viewing the high wages of PCB officials, Najam Sethi and Company have lost all sense of reality. They think that if these are not decreased, PCB’s treasury will soon run dry.

Chief Executive Faisal Hasnain of the UAE is also included among them; nevertheless, the CEO post is not stated on the website because the PCB constitution from 2014 does not have any provisions for it. His monthly take-home pay is Rs. 25 lakhs 93 thousand and seven hundred. Faisal has the choice of accepting a 40% pay cut or resigning.

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