Saturday, June 15, 2024

30 Electric Buses Delivered for Islamabad Transport Project

A major step forward for Islamabad’s Urban Transport Project has been made with the arrival of 30 electric buses from China. These buses landed in Karachi and will be transported to Islamabad, expected to arrive by next week.

Chairman Mohammad Ali Randhawa highlighted the importance of this project. He emphasized the need for subsidies to make the buses more affordable for senior citizens and students, ensuring that the new transport system is accessible to everyone.

In a recent meeting chaired by Randhawa, he stressed the urgency of building the bus depot and quickly setting up charging points for the new electric buses. This is crucial for the smooth operation of the buses once they arrive in Islamabad.

The project is not stopping at just 30 buses. Plans are already in place for an additional 70 electric buses. Tenders have been awarded for the construction of bus depots at key locations to support this growing fleet.

Randhawa aims to make the Islamabad Bus Service a model for urban transport. He mentioned that the project might even extend bus routes to include the diplomatic enclave, which would be a significant expansion. He is pushing for the project to be completed on time and to operate efficiently, setting a high standard for public transport in the city.

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