Wednesday, July 24, 2024

4-Year-Old Muhammad Ayad Scores 192 IQ Points, Which is a Higher IQ Score than Elbert Einstein

Muhammad Ayad, a remarkably gifted 3.9-year-old boy from Pakistan, has achieved an extraordinary IQ score of 195. To put this in context, Stephen Hawking had an IQ of 160, and although Albert Einstein never took an IQ test, his estimated IQ was also around 160.

Muhammad’s mother expressed her thoughts on this exceptional accomplishment, stating, “He was tested twice. In his first test, he scored even higher than 195, and then he was tested again by the IQ society, yielding shocking results for our entire family. We are grateful to Allah for blessing him with such a remarkable IQ. We never anticipated such high scores.”

Muhammad’s father also shared his pride and surprise at his son’s achievement, saying, “I am extremely proud and amazed at how well my little prince performed.”

When asked why Muhammad is not a member of Mensa International, given his exceptionally high IQ, his mother explained, “Mensa once had a chapter for kids in Pakistan, back in 2014 when a 6-year-old girl named Fatima scored 132 and became a member of Mensa.

However, there is currently no Mensa chapter for children in Pakistan. We attempted to persuade them, but they mentioned the absence of suitable platforms for gifted children in Pakistan, making it challenging to accommodate such exceptional kids here.

Therefore, we applied to the Child High IQ Society, which caters to gifted kids, and Muhammad became a member with his impressive IQ score of 195. We hope that Pakistani Mensa will reestablish a chapter for gifted children in the future.”

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