Friday, June 14, 2024

400 KW Solar Power System Opens at Punjab University

Punjab University’s Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology launched a modern 400-kW solar system on Saturday. The ceremony was led by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood, who was the main guest.

The event was attended by several notable figures, including CEMB Director Dr. Moazur Rahman, Dean of Health Sciences Academy Prof. Dr. Shahid Baig, Secretary of Pakistan Science Foundation Dr. Raja Razi ul Hasnain, and Prof. Dr. M. Ali Shah.

During his speech, Dr. Khalid Mahmood highlighted the university’s strong commitment to sustainability and the use of renewable energy. He stressed the importance of such initiatives in promoting environmentally friendly practices and reducing the university’s carbon footprint.

Dr. Mahmood explained that the new solar system is a significant step toward achieving the university’s goal of using more renewable energy sources. This project not only supports the environment but also helps in reducing energy costs for the university.

He praised the collaborative efforts of the faculty and staff in making this project a reality. Dr. Mahmood also expressed his hopes that this solar system would serve as a model for other institutions in the region to follow, encouraging them to invest in renewable energy solutions.

The other speakers at the event echoed Dr. Mahmood’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of sustainable energy in modern academic and research institutions. They commended Punjab University’s proactive approach and foresight in adopting green technologies.

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