Tuesday, July 16, 2024

4,000 Workers to Wash Grand Mosque 10 Times a Day During Hajj Period

The General Presidency of the Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque has appointed 4,000 male and female workers to maintain cleanliness of the Grand Mosque. They are directed to conduct washing and cleaning 10 times a day.

Several preparations have been made to facilitate worshippers during the Hajj. More than 400 supervisors have also been appointed to keep a check on the workforce. In addition, 800 workers are appointed to guide and help worshippers within the Grand Mosque.

4,500 Zamzam water containers are placed around the mosque as well as 7,000 bottles will be distributed. The agency for Services and Field Affairs collaborating with ‘TANAQOL’ has deployed 3,000 electric vehicles and 5,000 regular ones to facilitate operations.

Workers deployed at the mosque’s entrance to provide guidance, regular sterilization, and managing the safe entry and exit of worshippers, are also overseen by the Agency. Moreover, 11 smart sterilization robots are deployed which are programmed to sanitize the whole Grand Mosque.

Other automated advancements include 20 Biocare dry steam sterilization devices, 600 hands-free sanitizers, and fog sterilizers.

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