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5 Reasons Why National Foods is a Must Visit at Karachi Eat Festival 2023

Food is a labour of love and no one does it better than National Foods. NFL has been winning the hearts of foodies for the last five decades. Pakistan’s biggest food event, Karachi Eat Festival is here and National Foods’ stall is turning heads. Following are the reasons it is a must visit;

1. Food

If food is an art, National Foods is the artist. From scrumptious traditional dishes to mouthwatering fusion food, you’ll find a rollercoaster of excitement for your taste buds. You will definitely not want to miss out on The Karachi Khas Bombay biryani, Fusion Tacos, Corn dogs, Chicken Karahi Parathas, Waffles with fruit jam, Achari Chicken, Bun Kababs and a lot more, the list is endless!

2. Vibes

Aesthetically pleasing, adorned with neon and modern design, NFL’s stall stands out from the clutter. It is said that food is first eaten through eyes. Not only the dishes served at the stand are beautiful but the stand itself is a marvel of design. It is a huge setup with separate displays for their culinary and condiments divisions. Once you are in KEF you can’t just ignore the massive NFL stall, standing tall with all the glitter and colours, creating engaging vibes.

5 Reasons Why National Foods

3. Inclusivity                                        

There is something for everyone but the Gen Z can relate a lot. From food to music, NFL is hitting the right chords. The stall offers a dedicated seating area for families and friends to sit and enjoy their favourite food dishes together. National Foods has a following of generations. The KEF stall has the same spirit!

4. Star Studded

Food tastes better with good company and what can be better company than celebrities like Kaifi Khalil, Ayesha Omar and Junaid Akram. Enjoying the gig of Kafi Khalil while munching on favourite dishes is surely a treat!

5. Affordability

The best is saved for the last! With inflation soaring to new heights in Pakistan, National Foods shall be keeping its price points at the lowest possible level for all its customers. No offering is exceeding Rs. 250 price Go visit National Foods at KEF now and Yes You are Welcome!

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