Tuesday, April 23, 2024

6-day Weekend Expected in UAE for Eid-ul Adha 2023

Eid Al Adha falls on June 28, with Arafah Day on June 27. The holiday’s exact date depends on the sighting of the moon, which is anticipated to be on Monday, June 26. If the moon is seen as expected, UAE residents can look forward to a break of up to six days. The holiday period would commence from Tuesday, June 27, until Friday, June 30, providing ample time for people to celebrate, rest and spend time with loved ones.

Eid Al Adha is an essential occasion in the Islamic calendar. Muslims worldwide offer Eid prayer to mark the day. The festival also involves the slaughtering of livestock, such as a goat, sheep, cow, or camel, to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifice.

While the festival is celebrated with grandeur and fervor. It is essential to remember its underlying message of faith, sacrifice, and devotion to Allah.

As we prepare to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Let’s reflect on the importance of Prophet Ibrahim’s test of faith and his willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice. We should appreciate our blessings and show generosity and compassion to those in need as we celebrate Eid Al Adha.

Moreover, the upcoming Eid Al Adha holiday presents an excellent opportunity for residents of the UAE to relax and spend quality time with their loved ones. So, mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate!

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