Thursday, September 21, 2023

70-Year-Old Coca-Cola Committed to Pakistan

Soon after the country’s independence in 1947,  Coca‑Cola came to Pakistan and was registered in 1960 and so its journey in this country is almost as long as that of the Nation. In the dynamic landscape of Pakistan’s economy, corporates from where various industries have played a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s growth trajectory. Coca-Cola Pakistan stands as example, with its strategic and social investments contributing towards national prosperity.

Economic Growth and Employment:

The company’s presence has translated into substantial economic growth and employment opportunities in the country . Not only does the company’s value chain contribute substantially towards the national GDP, it also creates employment opportunity on large scale. Moreover, its social investments in the country have been instrumental in uplifting the lives of underprivileged communities in the country.

Giving portfolio in sustainability and humanitarian aid:

Coca- Cola Pakistan’s strategic investments in the country have helped expand footprint nationwide. Utilizing top talent from the country , Coca-Cola’s state of the art production plants not only ensuring world class quality of the product but also consistently improving its efficiency by reducing its dependence and use of natural resources. Moreover, it also runs specific community projects in vicinity of each production facility catering to local needs. PAANI project being a prime example where the company has invested in 35 water filtration plants that provide clean drinking water to over 1 million people per day.
Furthermore, Coca-Cola Pakistan embarked on a noteworthy project aimed at alleviating the plight of residents in the Thatta district, which had been severely impacted by floods. Demonstrating their commitment to humanitarian assistance and sustainable solutions, Coca-Cola donated solar-powered Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants to this vulnerable community. These innovative plants have the remarkable capacity to produce over 10,000 liters of clean, potable water each day, effectively addressing a critical need for safe drinking water among the affected population.

To replenish water in rivers like Ravi, reduce its carbon footprint, and promote recycling the company aligns its goals with local laws and global best practices. These actions align with the country’s drive towards sustainable development, making Coca-Cola Pakistan a partner in Pakistan’s journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. In Partnership with the Ministry of Climate Change and Karachi Port Trust the company launched an environment scoping report to highlight the scale and challenge of the waste management system in Lyari River in Karachi and built a coalition to highlight its plight.

Whereas there have been several other projects to help its World Without Waste agenda, with the upcoming mega-project ‘Recharge Pakistan’ the scale of impact to mitigate climate change and impact is largest than it’s ever been – 7 million lives and livelihoods will be impacted in this coalition-based project.

Recharge Pakistan partners include the Ministry of Climate Change, the Worldwide Fund for Nature and USAID. In this USD 77.8m project The Coca Cola Foundation has donated USD 5 million dollars. The multi-year nature-based program seeks to improve the lives of Pakistanis who are vulnerable to the consequences of climate change like floods and droughts.

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