Monday, March 4, 2024

700 years old handwritten Holy Quran found in Turkey’s Library.

Two handwritten Qurans were discovered in the library of a school in Turkey’s Tokat’s Zile area, one of which is considered to be 700 years old. The Qurans will be donated to the Directorate of Foundations.

“The copies of the Quran are handwritten,” Murat Küçükali, Tokat Provincial Director of National Education, told A Haber news agency of the finding. The first is 700 years old, while the second is considered to be 400 years old due to the destruction of the page’s date.”

“They were discovered in the archive of the Zile Imam Hatip High School library.” The works were swiftly set aside to avoid further deterioration or damage. We contacted the Regional Directorate of Foundations shortly after that. The works would be given to the director “he”.

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