Thursday, June 1, 2023

74 Million People Used BRT Peshawar Service in 2022

The BRT system had an estimated 74 million riders in 2022, according to TransPeshawar’s annual performance report, which was published on Thursday.

This is an increase of 45% over the 51 million riders in 2021. Since its launch in August 2020, Zu Peshawar has had a record-breaking overall ridership of 130 million.

A peak of 270,000 daily passengers, of which 70,000 are women, has been reached. This year, almost 400,000 Zu Cards were distributed, bringing the total number of cards issued to 1.4 million.

According to a news article, 158 existing buses would soon be added to the fleet in Pakistan as a result of the rising popularity and demand. 62 new buses came in Pakistan in the last quarter of 2022.

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