Friday, June 9, 2023

75% Of Pakistanis Suffers from Depression: Public Health Expert

Around 75% of Pakistan’s population, particularly its youth, suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression, according to public health specialists and intellectuals.
As per Prof. Shahzad Ali Khan, vice chancellor of the Health Services Academy (HSA), the majority of Pakistanis are either depressed, stressed out, or anxious, and they are not overly hopeful about the future of their nation.

He was speaking at the opening of the 24th Thematic Calendar by the Jahan-i-Maseeha Adbi Forum (JMAF). In light of these conditions, Allama Iqbal’s message of “Khudi” serves as the topic of the 2023 calendar.
Prof. Khan claimed that the youth had become increasingly gloomy and dejected, and that in such a situation, Iqbal’s message of self-reliance can revive the Pakistani national spirit.

Even though the entire world is dealing with comparable concerns and problems, such as inflation, unemployment, and recession, he continued that the Pakistani youth now view everyone as corrupt and inept and that most young people are desperate to leave the country.

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