Saturday, June 15, 2024

7500 poor families now own their house under PM’s Low-Income Housing Initiative

The low-income house financing initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan is coming to fruition as Rs. 3.35 billion have been disbursed across the nation for the construction of 7572 units.

The government had allocated Rs. 5 billion under the Prime Minister’s vision of helping a low-income community to build their own homes. The state had recruited a renowned Akhuwat organization that was already operating a vast network of interest-free loans.

Rs 3.35 billion was disbursed under the scheme for the construction of 7572 housing units in various parts of the country. The recovery ratio of the disbursed amount is 100% and the recovered amount is again being used to fund further applicants as a further 2,416 applications are currently being accepted.

The majority of project beneficiary families included those who, due to limited resources, were unable to afford to build their own home.

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