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8 Amazing Places to Visit in Northern Areas of Pakistan

Pakistan is a god-gifted country for subcontinental Muslims. Allah has given this country with many blessings. Each province has its own culture, agriculture, economics, minerals, history, and scenic beauty. Pakistan has been blessed with four seasons and its land is made up of majestic mountains, streams, rivers, eye-catchy lakes, dense forests, natural gases and desert.

However, in this article, we will discuss Pakistan’s natural beauty, specifically the beauty of northern areas of Pakistan, which doesn’t attract only Pakistanis but also people from all over the world attract towards it and visit these places because of its natural beauty. The tops of mountains talking to the sky, beautiful lakes, green valleys, and amazing wildlife are the natural gifts of these places.

The world’s most famous mountain ranges, i.e. the Himalayas, the Karakorams, and the Hindukush exits in the Pakistan northern areas. If we talk about the paradise on earth, you will find it in northern areas i.e. the “Neelam valley” another beautiful and attractive visiting place is “Hunza valley” called the mountain kingdom while the valley of swat also called Mini Switzerland. These are the major tourist attraction places in Pakistan.

Because of the advancement in technology, it is become easy to travel from one place to another. Most people love to travel from one place to another in order to discover new areas, their beauty, culture, history, and people. Some are those kinds which travel for business, some shifted to another city or country for schooling. Most of the time, people went to beautiful spots for spending their vacations. It is very important to visit some peaceful and natural-gifted places to take a break from your busy life routine to relax. You explore the different locations and do not return home as the same person. If you are planning to go somewhere for spending your vacation, then you must visit the northern areas of Pakistan and discover their natural beauty. Here, in this article, we are going to discover the 8 amazing places to visit in Pakistan’s northern areas.


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A Balti word meaning “a lowland between two prime points” is the origin of name “Skardu”. Here the high two places referring to the Shigar city and high-altitude Satpara. The valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu, is the capital of Skardu District. In the northern areas of Pakistan list Skardu is one of the major tourist attractions places in Gilgit-Baltistan, not only because it has the highest mountain range but also it has abundant lakes, forts, and resort exist there which attract tourists, trekkers, and mountaineers from all around the world.

This valley contains some of the world’s largest glaciers, including the Baltoro Glacier, Chogo Lungma Glacier and Biafo Glacier. While some of the glaciers are surrounded by the tallest mountains, including K2 (the world’s second tallest mountain), Gasherbrum, and Masherbrum.

There are some natural beauty spots in Skardu such as Shangri-La Lake, Upper Kachura Lake, Satpara Lake that you can visit. The government has also built a small dam on the Satpara lake. This is the location where you can go fishing. The two most attractive spots in Skardu are forty Shangri-La and fort Shigar. Fort Shigar is located on the way to K2, the world’s second-highest summit, while the Shangri-La is another beautiful place to visit located at the bank of an artificial lake.

Skardu Baltistan is in the highest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and Karakoram, attracting many hikers and climbers year after year. Hussain Abad waterfall is a popular tourist destination in Skardu. You can go there by asking the locals about its location. Some other places of Skardu where you can go and surely, you will enjoy there are: Shangri-La (Lower Kachura) Lake, Kharpocho Fort, Katpana Cold desert and Lake, Shigar Cold Desert, Khaplu Valley and Palace, Chaqchan Mosque, Deosai National Park.

Chitral valley:

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Chitral valley is the capital of the Chitral district is located on the banks of the Chitral River.

Rich in natural beauty, the valley of Chitral is in the Hindukush range. Some of the most popular and attractive visitors’ places, including Rumbur, Bumburate, Drosh, Ayun, and Garam Chashma, are part of Chitral. While Shandur, between upper Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan become famous for its yearly polo game. Along with the beautiful scenery, one of the highest peaks, Terichmir which is 25,263 feet, is a part of the Hindukush range.

Chitral is also called a “Palace of Fairies” because of its majestic mountains. Chitral is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the Hindukush range, including mountains, lush green valleys, glaciers, flowing rivers, and thick forests. The weather of Chitral in Summer is pleasant, but severely cold in the winter, with heavy snowfall in routine.

Kalash and Kho are the two racial groups in Chitral valley. The Kalash valley has a unique lifestyle. They are Alexander the Great’s descendants. It is one of the most popular tribes for attraction all over the world.

The Kho people of Chitral make up most of the population and are descended from a variety of ethnic groups who migrated to Chitral in several waves from more hospitable regions surrounding the current district of Chitral.

Kalash Festivals, Chilimjusht or Joshi-Spring Festival, Uchitel- Summer, Shandur Polo Festival are some famous festivals of Chitral. Karambar Lake, Shandur Lake, Bashqargolo are some attractive lakes in Chitral.

Naran-kaghan valley:

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One of the most popular tourist attractions locally as well as internationally, Naran, is situated in the upper kaghan valley in Mansehra city of KPK. It is located about 65 km from Babusar Top. There are significant rainfalls in summer and severe snowfall in winter, so it is best to avoid visiting Naran from December to February due to heavy snowfalls.

One can plan the trip to Naran in the months from April to September because these are the best months to go there and discover the beauty of this location. This valley is living in the majestic mountain range “the Himalayan mountains range “and is the best center spot for travelers going towards Skardu and Hunza.

If you are planning a trip to Naran, then there are some places that you must go there and enjoy nature which are Babusar Top (4,173m), Ansoo Lake, Dudipatsar Lake, Lake Saif ul Malook, Lulusar Lake, Lalazar Plateau. Every year thousands of visitors come here to explore to see these lovely sights, especially during the summer and spend their vacations here.

Swat valley:

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During the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1961, she gave “the Switzerland of the east (Asia Pakistan)” title to this valley because of its landscape similarity and beauty to Switzerland. The valley is situated on the swat river in KPK. Mingora is the chief town of Swat, but the capital of this city is Saidu Sharif. Swat, with its natural sight, is one of the country’s most major tourist destinations.

The valley is surrounded by mountains. The pleasant weather of the valley, eye-catchy lakes, rivers, high peak mountains, springs, and waterfalls has become popularity of this region. The most popular activities in summer are hiking, trekking, zip-lining, chairlift riding while in winter people come here to enjoy skiing, ice skating, sledding, etc. Another of God’s blessings is the natural lakes in this region. People come here for fishing and relaxing in the beauty of nature. The best time to visit the Swat is from the mid of March to the end of August, but if you want to go for skiing, then plan your vacation in the months of December, January, and Feb.

White Palace Marghazar is one of the amazing locations in the Swat. Mahodand Valley & Lake, Natural Ushu Valley & Ushu Forest, Malam Jabba (Famous ski resort in Swat Valley) & Kalam Vallies, natural beautiful sites in the Swat, the Mini Switzerland of Pakistan.

Neelum Valley:

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Paradise of Kashmir, the Neelum valley is one of the most attractive tourist places in Pakistan. This area contains rivers, hills, thick forests,s and streams. Apples, apricots, walnuts, and plum are some popular fruits in this valley. Neelum’s famous locations are Ratti Gali Lake, Kutton Valley, Sharda Valley, Kel, and Arrang Kel.

The natural beauty of the valley not only attracts the local visitor but also captures the attention of foreigner. This valley’s culture is very similar to that of Punjab. Kutton and Jagran are two locations in Neelum Valley where the government has constructed a major hydroelectric project to generate electricity for the state.

Kel is a beautiful place in Neelum valley, having a long track towards Nanga Parbat and usually, visitors come here to see Nanga Parbat. The climate is good in summer, while it is cold in winter. Therefore, because of heavy snowfalls in the valley, the roads conditions become extreme, because of the land sliding. Therefore, people stuck and face a shortage of food and cold weather.

Hunza Valley:

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Hunza is the mountainous region valley in Gilgit Baltistan near the China border. Rakaposhi, Ultar Sar, Hunza Peak, Darmyani Peak, and Bublimating (Ladyfinger Peak) are among the highest peaks that surrounded the valley. It is one of the most attractive place in the northern areas of Pakistan list.

The valley has moderate summer weather while in winter the temperature becomes almost -10 degrees Celsius. The valley has different beautiful and charming places for visitors if you get the opportunity to visit this valley, then you must go to Altit and Baltit forts.

Altit, the oldest northern area fort, is designed on a rock of the mountain, in Altit village while the Hunza River is flowing at its back. Baltit, in Karim Abad, has been renovated and is now a heritage museum. Karim Abad is the main commercial center of the Valley famous for its handmade material.

Khunjurab pass is the high mountain pass in the Karakorum range, which is also located in Hunza and it is another reason that attracts people toward this valley. Atta Abad lake in Gojal valley is also in Hunza. The Batura Glacier, Hussaini Glacier, and Passu Glacier all these glaciers are all in Gojal Valley.

Naltar Valley:

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Naltar, a forested region, is located near the city of Gilgit Baltistan. The mountains of Naltar Valley are usually covered in snow, whether it is winter or summer. This valley has three attractive lakes i.e. Rainbow lake surrounded by pine forests, blue star lake as its name indicates it is completely blue, and Bodroko Lake.

The government has constructed a hydropower plant to fulfill the electricity requirements of the area as well as Gilgit. Naltar is one of the oldest Ski resorts in Pakistan.

Kumrat Valley:

If we are talking about the Pakistan northern areas, then we can’t forget the Kumrat valley. It is rich in natural beauty. Ture gem of nature having high mountains, greenery, streams. This city is the part of upper Dir district KPK.

The best months to plan trips and spend holidays are from May to September because the weather is most pleasant during this time. If you are a winter sports lover, then Dec to Feb are the best months to visit this location. There are resorts and hotels that exist in this valley, but you can also enjoy base camping with your friends and family. It is another paradise on the earth where you can’t only enjoy camping and picnic but also this place provides the opportunity for mountaineering, trekking, and rock climbing. Some famous forests and lakes of this place are Do Kala Chashma Lake, waterfall in Jahaz Banda, Wooden Canals Thal, Katora Lake, Forest Kumrat, Jandrai Trek, Jahaz Banda Meadows.

These were some beautiful and amazing destinations in northern areas of Pakistan where you can spend your holidays and discover natural beauty. But if you are going for the first time and unfamiliar with these locations, then is better to keep Pakistan northern areas map with you.

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