Wednesday, June 19, 2024

8 Year Old Boy in Netherlands Orders AK-47 From Dar*k Web

Barbara Gemen, a woman from the Netherlands, was shocked when she found out that her 8-year-old son had secretly bought some dangerous things from the Dar*k Web without telling her.

Barbara works in human resources and noticed that her son spent a lot of time on the internet, learning how to hack at a very young age. At first, he just hacked websites and ordered small items without paying for them. But things got worse as he started talking to suspicious people while playing video games, helping them with illegal money deals.

To hide his actions, the boy used secret codes when his mom was around, making it hard for her to know what he was doing. The situation became very serious when he managed to order a real AK-47 gun from the dar*k web. He even had it shipped through different countries to avoid getting caught.

Worried about her son’s safety and the dangers of technology, Barbara called the police and gave them the illegal weapon. She wanted to make sure her son was safe and to stop him from doing anything more dangerous in the future.

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