Monday, September 25, 2023

8-Year-Old Boy Who was Stuck in an Elevator for 3 Hours Completed his Homework to Distract Himself Before Being Rescued

Bringing attention to the problem of poorly maintained elevators in the National Capital Region (NCR) once again, an incident occurred in Faridabad where an 8-year-old boy was stuck in a lift for nearly 2 hours.

Despite the challenging situation, the boy remained calm by remembering his father’s advice to stay composed during emergencies. He focused on his schoolwork and kept his cool until he was rescued.

The incident happened at the Omaxe Heights society in Faridabad and gained a lot of notice on social media. The boy’s dad, Pawan Chandila, who works in Gurugram, explained that their family lives on the fourth floor of the building.

One Sunday evening around 5 pm, his son Garvit was going downstairs for his tuition. He usually goes with his mom, but she was sick, so he went alone and the elevator got stuck on the second floor.

Garvit followed what he was taught about being safe and tried to get help by pressing the emergency button and knocking on the door. But no one answered. He stayed calm by reading his books and doing his homework.

After an hour, the tuition teacher told the family that Garvit didn’t come to class. His parents started looking for him and found out from the security guard that the elevator wasn’t working since 5 pm.

They called a technical team, and Garvit was finally rescued around 7 pm. The family wants action to be taken against the people responsible for the elevator’s upkeep. They say that the elevator has had problems before. Even though their son did a great job staying calm, the family knows things could have been worse.

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