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884MW Suki Kinari Hydropower Project Begins Power Generation in Testing Phase

The Suki Kinari hydropower project, which is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) portfolio, has successfully begun its wet testing phase. This project has a capacity of 884 megawatts and is located on the Kunhar River in Mansehra, a district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of northwestern Pakistan.

The SK hydropower station is one of the priority projects in the initial batch of CPEC initiatives. It is equipped with four impulse units that together can generate a total of 884 MW.

Several key figures attended this significant milestone. Personnel from China Energy Construction Overseas Investment Co., Ltd., SK Hydro Co., Ltd., and various construction units were present on-site. Representatives from local authorities and the engineering team responsible for the project also joined the startup ceremony.

Cheng Dan, the general manager of China Energy Construction Overseas Investment Company Ltd., who is overseeing the project, reported to Xinhua that the first unit has passed its initial tests successfully.

These tests confirmed that the unit meets the design specifications. More tests, including those for temperature stability and overspeed, are planned to ensure that all technical parameters are in line with standards.

The initial tests for Unit 4 of the SK Hydropower Station showed that it operates smoothly and meets the design requirements. Future tests, like temperature stability and overspeed testing, will ensure all technical standards are satisfied. These tests are essential for laying a solid foundation for the unit’s trial operation phase.

Before beginning the wet testing phase, SK Hydro Co., Ltd. worked closely with construction units to carefully prepare protocols for water filling and discharge tests.

They monitored the progress in real-time and promptly resolved any issues that arose to ensure effective water management during testing. This meticulous preparation was crucial for the success of the wet testing phase.

Once the project is fully completed, it is expected to generate 3.212 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity annually. This will play a significant role in reducing Pakistan’s electricity shortage and providing a reliable source of clean energy for the country.

The Suki Kinari hydropower project represents a major step forward in the collaboration between China and Pakistan under the CPEC framework and highlights the potential for future energy projects in the region.

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