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9 out of 10 MDCAT Aspirants will fail in 2022. To help students, Sir Habib gifts his MDCAT Chemistry Online Course FREE

According to MDCAT Exam Results, almost 95% of aspirants fail the exam every year. Common reasons for failure include a wrong approach and a lack of relevant preparation techniques.

Because of this, Nearpeer’s Sir Habib (a top-ranked MDCAT professor) decided to give his Chemistry Course FREE of cost to MDCAT Aspirants 2022 in order to help them pass the exam. The course is available online and can be accessed anytime.


Sir Habib has been teaching Chemistry for almost 10 years. His students have always scored high in their exams, and he wants to give back to the students of his own country who will be taking the MDCAT 2022. The course is worth 5,000 PKR but made free for aspirants. It will help a lot of students get into the medical university they want.

This is not the first time that he is helping students by making them get one step closer to their desired medical college. His teaching approach has helped many students crack the most difficult portions of MDCAT easily. For example, Ahmad Sajjad who could not qualify for MDCAT in two consecutive attempts after preparing from different academies gives credit to Sir Habib, other faculty members, and Nearpeer for his success in MDCAT in the third attempt. Ahmed is becoming a doctor from King Edward Medical University these days.

The story of every hardworking student who joins Nearpeer is somewhat similar. They come from different backgrounds, but all have one goal – to be a doctor.

Avail the FREE Chemistry Course by Sir Habib on Nearpeer today and get one step closer to your dream university.
Click the link to avail the course:

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