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A Boy Who helped the Healthcare Staff of Sindh-Pakistan in Times of Covid-19

A boy who helped the healthcare staff of Sindh-Pakistan in times of COVID-19

Hailing from a sub-urban area of Karachi, Raheem Gul is a young boy from Lyari who is an enthusiastic learner. He loves to gain knowledge about his surroundings and understands the importance of evolving in life. Raheem thinks that every person needs to not only focus on professional education but should also have a unique skill set of their own. He believes that being skilled is very important in a person’s career, other than his professional education. Raheem’s father is a skillful hairdresser and wished for his son to complete his formal as well as skill-based education to secure his career and become the person that he wanted to become. Raheem is studying commerce as part of his formal education and aims to learn additional skills to combine his formal education in business to start his own business in the future. He has very clear goals for his future and understands the value of education. Raheem applied for a dress-making course at “Humqadam”, a training project, offered by Charter for Compassion. He enrolled in that program in October of 2019 and completed his tenure of six months of competency-based training in April of 2020.

Right amid his final workplace-based training phase, the Corona Virus outbreak caused a complete lockdown in his city, hindering access to the workplace for the completion of his training. A person like him, who never hesitated to put in extra efforts to achieve his goals could not possibly just sit through such a situation. This condition created great turbulence in his mind.  But then a ray of hope appeared when he was informed by his instructors that his institute will be involved in producing PPE suits and masks for the healthcare staff in Sindh. Hearing this, Raheem’s shattered hopes came alive and he understood that his training will neither be affected nor delayed by any unforeseen circumstances.  

All through his training, Raheem was busy making health safety kits and fabric masks for healthcare professionals of Sindh under the umbrella of the TVET Sector Support Programme. This not only helped Raheem but also awakened his spirit to help the people around him.

Today, Raheem is filled with pride as he is capable of generating a livelihood for himself and his family.

“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision, and change”.

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