Thursday, April 18, 2024

A LinkedIn Post Of Man Meeting Jeff Bezos Is Fake Story

People write stories related to kindness and motivation on LinkedIn which are praised on the site.

However, the director of Product at the San-Francisco –based health company called Carbon Health, named Alexander Cohen took a dig t those inspirational posts.

A fake story was made up by the director of meeting Jeff Bezos at Starbucks. He told the story from start, how he met to Starbucks to get coffee for his team which was working hard on a Sunday to meet deadline, while fetching his order, he paid for the car behind him who turned out to be Jeff ezos car.

He further added, as he met him, he ended up chatting with hi, for two hours ad forgot about his team and how he is all set to join the business man on his next trip to space-expenses to be covered by the Amazon boss himself.

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