Tuesday, March 5, 2024

A Restaurant has a Discount System that is Based on How Slim You Are

In Malaysia, a restaurant called The Mongolian Master in Kuching has come up with a unique way to offer discounts to its customers. Instead of the usual methods like buy-one-get-one or spending a certain amount, they have introduced a fun and unconventional concept based on the size of your waistline.

When customers enter the restaurant, they are presented with five vertical passages of different widths. By maneuvering through these passages sideways, customers can earn a discount based on how easily they can navigate the thinnest passage. It adds an interesting twist to the dining experience.

The discounts range from a maximum of 100% for successfully passing through an extremely narrow passage, which is quite challenging, down to 10%. There are also intermediate discount values of 20%, 30%, and 50%.

The restaurant offers a buffet-style dining experience where customers can grill their own food. However, it’s important for customers to determine their discount by successfully navigating the appropriate passage before enjoying their meal. If customers eat too much and exceed their determined discount threshold, they may lose a portion of their initial discount percentage.

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