Tuesday, March 5, 2024

A revolutionary incubator developed by the students of Karachi.

A group of four Karachi students has designed a low-cost, high-tech incubator with the goal of lowering Pakistan’s infant mortality rate.

Syed Fatima Ejaz, Mohammad Ahsan Raza, Mirza Sameer Ahmed, and Aziz Zakir from the Usman Institute of Technology’s Electrical Department created the prototype incubator under the supervision of their lecturers, Engineer Sana Sohail and Engineer Atif Farid, according to information.

The incubator is lightweight and portable, and once commercialised, it will drastically cut baby mortality rates. Due to its low cost and distinctive qualities, it is also a significant advancement in the field of childcare in Pakistan.

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The mobile application Neox Care, which may also be controlled via a mobile phone, allows for real-time monitoring of the infant in the incubator.

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