Monday, April 15, 2024

A Tesla car’s autopilot system predicts a collision

Tesla automobiles are noted for their cutting-edge technology and innovative safety measures. They’re also known for their superior autopilot and remote driving features, which allow individuals to operate vehicles without having to go behind the wheel.

Tesla also advises that the autopilot feature in their vehicles be used only when someone is in the driver’s seat. ‘The current autopilot feature requires active driver monitoring,’ according to their website.

While videos of a self-driving Tesla have prompted concerns about the car’s safety, a new video on Twitter has many people impressed with its safety features.

The brief video shows a Tesla automobile using its Autopilot system to predict a road crash with uncanny precision.

Important Points to Remember The footage, which was shot in 2016, suddenly resurfaced online and became viral. When a red sedan collides with another vehicle, the Tesla behind them comes to a complete stop.

The automobile plots its route using radar from two cars ahead of it. Even before the actual incidence, it maintains track of the hazard.

Frank van Hoesel, a Tesla Model X owner, uploaded the brief video on Twitter. His vehicle was the one that avoided the crash.

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