Friday, June 14, 2024

A Toy or a Friend? Meet the Robot Dog that Wants to be Your Pet

Meet the world’s first intelligence bionic quadruped robot companion of consumer level.

Robot dogs with jobs are already a thing. As a new detection method for factories, parks, substations, urban underground pipe corridors and other important places, intelligent inspection quadruped robots can obtain environmental information and identification information of sensing equipment, and can complete tasks that cannot be done manually. Also some of them can be equipped with an intelligent fire-fighting system that help protect fire-fighting safety, so that rescuers are no longer in danger!

But to be your friend? It is the first time. Go1, a robot pet dog designed by China-based Unitree Robotics, now wants you to pet it. It can provide companionship, home assistance and security for elderly people, and even be your jogging partner.

Will they replace the real thing?

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