Monday, July 15, 2024

A Woman in Philippines Realized she’s been praying to a Shrek figure for Four Years Thinking It was Buddha

A woman from the Philippines named Merlie Tolentino had been praying to what she thought was a statue of Buddha in her home for the past four years. She had been lighting candles and offering food to the figure, which she believed was bringing her good luck and blessings.

However, one day Merlie’s friend pointed out that the statue was not actually Buddha, but a figure of Shrek, the popular animated character from the DreamWorks movie franchise. Merlie was shocked and embarrassed, but also found the situation amusing.

The story gained widespread attention after photos of the Shrek statue went viral on social media. Some people found the mix-up funny, while others criticized Merlie for not being more educated about her religious beliefs.

Merlie herself has taken the situation in stride, saying that she still believes in the power of her prayers regardless of the statue’s identity. She also hopes that the attention from the story will bring more positive energy and blessings to her family.

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