Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Abdu Rozak Recently Opened a Restaurant in India With a Unique Name.

Abdu Rozak, a contestant on Big Boss Season 16 from Tajikistan and the world’s shortest singer, has opened a restaurant in Mumbai.

Abdu Rozak frequently discussed burgers on Big Boss because he enjoys them a lot and, interestingly, calls them “Borgir.” After Bigg Boss, numerous Borgir memes also gained popularity on his social media.

Speaking to the Indian media about this, Abdu Rozak claimed that since his meme had gained a lot of traction, a restaurant bearing the same name ought to be established.

Abdu claims that Big Boss gave him a lot of approval in India, which is why he considered starting a business there.

Along with visiting Abdo’s eatery, Chote Bhai Jaan, Farah Khan and Sajid Khan also posted photos of their trip to Instagram.

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