Wednesday, October 4, 2023

ABHI Join Forces with Ghandhara Industries to Provide AbhiSalary to its Employees

ABHI, a leading fintech company, and Ghandhara Industries, a renowned market pioneer, have joined hands in an impactful collaboration aimed at revolutionizing employee financial access. Through this partnership, ABHI will provide AbhiSalary which is earned wage access, to empower Ghandhara Industries’ workforce with enhanced control and flexibility over their finances.

In an era where financial well-being profoundly influences overall productivity and happiness, ABHI’s cutting-edge platform addresses the pressing challenges faced by employees, particularly the burden of financial stress. By enabling employees to access their earned salary when needed, ABHI aims to alleviate financial constraints and empower individuals to shape a more secure financial future.

“We are excited about our partnership with Ghandhara Industries as we embark on this journey to transform access to financial services,” stated Mr. Mohammed Zaidi, Chief Commercial Officer of ABHI. “Recognizing the impact of financial constraints on individuals, our mission is to equip them with the tools necessary to achieve financial well-being. Providing timely access to their earned salaries empowers employees to fulfill their financial obligations and pursue a more prosperous future.”

Ghandhara Industries, renowned for its commitment to employee welfare, underscores the significance of this partnership. Mr. Muhammad Aamir, Chief Financial Officer of Ghandhara Industries, emphasized the positive impact this collaboration will have on employees’ financial well-being. “Our employees are at the heart of our success, and their financial stability directly affects their performance and satisfaction. By partnering with ABHI to offer earned wage access, we not only alleviate financial burdens but also foster a financially secure and prosperous workforce.”

This strategic alliance exemplifies Ghandhara Industries’ dedication to employee welfare, establishing them as an industry leader in addressing financial challenges faced by their workforce. By embracing AbhiSalary, Ghandhara Industries sets a remarkable precedent for organizations seeking to empower their employees financially.

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