Tuesday, July 23, 2024

ABHI Onboards Naveena Group to Provide AbhiSalary (Earned Wage Access) to 5,000 Employees

ABHI, an embedded fintech company, has signed an agreement with Naveena Group and its subsidiaries to provide AbhiSalary, an Earned Wage Access facility, to their 5,000 employees. AbhiSalary will financially empower the group’s workforce by enabling them to access their earned salaries before their payday and have the freedom to spend, save and invest with their own salaries.

With AbhiSalary, the fintech company aims to reduce financial stress for thousands of employees working at Naveena Group and its subsidiaries. Established in 1989 as a textile manufacturer, the group now operates in the textile, energy, steel and real estate development sectors with a focus on sustainability.

On the day of signing, Mr Mohammad Zaidi, Director of Business Development and Sales at ABHI said, “We’re honored to serve Naveena Group and enable their 5,000 salaried individuals to access their pay anytime, anywhere and make key financial decisions at any time of the day. We truly believe that AbhiSalary will increase productivity and improve the bottom line of Naveena Group.”

Mr Aman Tata, Director at Naveena Group highlighted the importance of AbhiSalary for employees by commenting, “We’re delighted to offer AbhiSalary as a financial wellness benefit to our deserving employees. We hope to see that AbhiSalary will help them in time of need and reduce their financial stress.

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