Tuesday, July 23, 2024

ABHI Partners With Chase Up to Provide Earned Wage Access to 2500 Employees

ABHI and Chase Up join hands to extend ABHISalary (Earned Wage Access) to 2500 employees working at Chase Up.

Chase Up takes pride in its hardworking employees and values the care they show to their customers. As a token of appreciation, they have partnered with ABHI to provide the benefit of Earned Wage Access and improve the financial well-being of their employees. The partnership will empower the workforce to access their earned but unpaid salaries before their payday to live their special moments and pay for unexpected expenses anytime, anywhere.

On this occasion, Mohammad Zaidi, Director at ABHI said, “We are thrilled to partner with Chase Up, a well-known chain that interacts with thousands of people daily. With Earned Wage Access, we hope that the employees are able to make their financial decisions with ease.”

Mustafa Bashir, Director at Chase Up, said, “Times have been difficult for all of us, as individuals, as families and as organizations. What matters now is how we, as employers, can bring financial relief to our staff. Getting Abhi onboard is an important step towards enhanced convenience for Chase Up staff.”

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