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According to Bill Gates, the New Technology that Will Put an End to Google Search.

The Google search engine is widely regarded as the Internet’s ruler, but a new technology may soon dethrone it.

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, made this prediction.

Bill Gates stated at a conference in San Francisco that if the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues at its current rate, services such as Google Search and Amazon will become obsolete in the near future.

He believes that AI technology will continue to shape the future economy.

He believes that if a new AI tool can understand human thought patterns, needs, and emotions, it will alter human behavior.

‘You’ll never go to a search site again, you’ll never turn to Amazon,’ said Bill Gates.

Despite the competition among AI companies, Bill Gates expected Microsoft to take the lead in developing a game-changing AI tool.

“I would be disappointed if Microsoft couldn’t do it at this point,” he continued.

He did, however, state that powerful AI tools will have an impact on the business models of major technology companies.

He also warned that in the future, robots equipped with AI technology may force people out of work.

According to the Microsoft co-founder, such AI technology will be cheap and effective for industrial tasks, but it will also pose a threat to white-collar workers.

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