Tuesday, June 6, 2023

ACE Money Transfer and Allied Bank Limited, Giving Away 61 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to Overseas Pakistanis

Pakistan is the world’s 5th leading remittance recipient, with $31.2 billion in remittances in FY2022. Pakistan’s economy and financial reserves heavily depend on remittances and makeup approximately 8.69% of its GDP. The economy’s reliance on foreign remittance has increased the need to regulate the whole process legally.

The State Bank of Pakistan stepped up to promote regulated channels of remittances through the Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI). The PRI’s vision is further supported by the collaboration between the UK’s renowned remittance provider, ACE Money Transfer, and one of Pakistan’s largest banking networks, Allied Bank Limited, that are giving their customers 61 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, to boost remittance inflows.                               

The campaign by the two institutions will include overseas Pakistanis across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. Any remittance sent using ACE Money Transfer and received from any Allied Bank branch across Pakistan until December 31st is eligible for the prize. The daily winners will be chosen through a series of weekly lucky draws during the campaign.     

Mr Rashif Ashraf, the CEO of ACE Money Transfer, says, “foreign remittances hold critical value for millions of Pakistani households and the country’s economic stability. ACE Money Transfer takes pride in its speedy, swift, safe, secure, convenient, and economical service and promises a brisk remittance inflow to Pakistan. The firm values its customers and rewards them with lavish gifts besides the top-notch service quality. The business’s prime focus is to maximise regulated remittance to Pakistan in line with the State Bank’s vision. The alliance between ACE Money Transfer and Allied Bank commenced with a vision to augment  and maximise legal remittance inflows to Pakistan.                                                     

Mr Aizid Razzaq Gill, the Chief Executive Officer of Allied Bank Limited, states, “Workers’ remittances have been a major source of foreign earnings for Pakistan for the last several decades, and Allied Bank has consistently remained a strong proponent of the State Bank of Pakistan’s vision to boost remittances inflows through legal channels. Allied Bank’s strategic alliance with ACE Money Transfer is a true testament to the Bank’s strong focus and commitment to fostering secure and cost-effective funds transfers through formal channels.”                                                        

ACE Money Transfer and Allied Bank promise peace of mind, security, spontaneity, and cost-effectiveness. Their customer-centric approach reflects the customer trust and loyalty the business enjoys. The venture’s success is phenomenal, but the quest for excellence continues.

For more information about the campagin, visit the link below:


ACE Money Transfer                                                      

ACE Money Transfer (Aftab Currency Exchange Limited) is a leading money transfer business from Manchester, UK, contributing to Pakistan’s growth and development as a promising remittance provider. It facilitates millions of expatriates with its state-of-the-art online money transfer service and a network of 375,000 payout locations  across over 100 countries globally.                                                        

Allied Bank Limited                                                                       

Allied Bank Limited is an acclaimed name in the commercial banking networks of Pakistan. They have a substantial customer base and have been looking after their monetary needs for 75 years. Allied Bank has been a cornerstone in providing value-added solutions to its customers, with a network of over 1,425 branches and 1,500+ ATMs in the country. Also, it has a dynamic approach toward automated operations and digital transformations.

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