Sunday, May 19, 2024

Advanced Speed Cameras Set Up on M5 Motorway by the Motorway Police

Advanced surveillance equipment on the M5 highway between Sukkur and Multan has reportedly been installed by the National Highway and Motorway Police to curb the danger of over speeding.

The monitoring equipment consists of specialized speed cameras for the authorities to take immediate action, capturing sharp and accurate photos of the over-speeding car.

The cameras have reportedly been mounted on different main points of the M5 motorway to monitor traffic 24/7 and capture photographs of vehicles that are over-speeding or recklessly driven.

The whole system works automatically, so that if a vehicle is found to exceed or breach traffic laws on the motorway, the challan shall be deducted from the driver by itself.

Travelling from Multan to Sukkur via the M5 motorway will save 75 kilometers of additional travel for commuters. It is also possible to save the commuters 3 hours of travel by continuously driving on the said route without any brakes, reducing the travel time from 6 hours to 3 hours.

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