Saturday, April 20, 2024

‘Advertisers Did Not Want Fahad Mustafa to Host Jeeto Pakistan’: CEO ARY Digital Jerjees

In the world of Pakistani media, ARY Digital stands tall as a leading network, with its flagship show “Jeeto Pakistan” captivating audiences nationwide. However, behind its success lies a tale of uncertainty and skepticism.

About a month ago, Jerjees Seja, the CEO of ARY Digital, in a podcast with Ahmed Ali Butt, disclosed that advertisers initially hesitated to have Fahad Mustafa host the show, deeming him “boring.” Despite these doubts, ARY Digital remained steadfast in their decision.

As the curtains rose on “Jeeto Pakistan,” Fahad’s infectious energy and charm transformed the skeptics into believers. The show’s triumph not only showcased Fahad’s hosting prowess but also highlighted ARY Digital’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries in Pakistani media.

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