Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Afghanistan Presents Surprise Gifts to Pakistani Players

In Sri Lanka’s Hambantota, a friendly event happened where they showed the trophy for the Pakistan-Afghanistan cricket series. Afghanistan’s leader, Hashmatullah Shahidi, gave a special Afghan outfit to Pakistan’s leader, Babar Azam. The trophy was really nice and made from materials like marble, wood, and colorful stones. These materials came from Afghanistan and showed their history.

During the event, Shahidi also gave Afghan outfits to some Pakistani players like Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad Haris, Iftikhar Ahmed, and Shadab Khan. The Pakistani players said thanks to Shahidi and the Afghanistan team for being so nice.

People on the internet liked Shahidi’s kind gesture. They said that Pakistan and Afghanistan should have peace, friendship, and love. This event showed how cricket can bring people together and make them feel close, even if they are from different places.

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